Sunday, May 27, 2012

April + May= Busy

It's been non-stop since mid-April. First, a graduation dress, in white for my soon to be graduate.
Many modifications later, this is the dress she said she loves………..

Then, off to get the Always Bee Learning April block for Maddie,
Carpenter's Wheel

The Modern She Made Swap, pillow for my secret partner
Jacqueline, modification of Jacob's Coat block
and the Fab Little Pin Cushion swap done-
This is for my friend Whitney. She was my partner in this swap.
before we went here.
Washington, DC
Then, home, did some laundry, slept in my bed for 2 nights and went here,
St. Louis, MO
met a quilting friend, so much fun, spend some time together at a field hockey tournament, went to dinner, received these fabulous pillows, (among other things- like chocolate, which we ate because our plane was 4 hours late - hence no picture and jelly, buttons, and a wonderful pincushion/candy jar with my all time favorite candy- fireballs).
I mean, these are fabulous pillows  from Whitney and go SOOOOOO perfectly with my Tangerine Tango Quilt

and came home again.  Then, back to quilting to finish my Hands to Help Charity Quilt,
This is for NOLA, post Hurricane Katrina, and for a change, I went with darker colors, used up some stash batiks and a kona charm pack and thought perhaps it might find it's way into a guys hands. Guys need quilts too.
 and finally, finished my May Always Bee Learning block- the single girl for Michonne,
 such great colors and Meesh, you are the queen of starch. Made pressing all those curves a breeze. 

I received in the Fab Little Pin cushion swap, these 2 pin cushions from Leanne (shecanquilt) all the way from Canada. It seems the sewing goddesses were with me, as I have a friend to send to and I received one from a friend as well. It's never happened to me before and I must say, that I love it and it made the whole swap much more special. 
The pin cushion pyramid has 4 different "faces" depending on my sewing "mood"
I also have a 50th birthday quilt done with an unexpected outcome. I linked it up to Amy's Creative side, Blogger's Quilt festival. Voting for quilts in going on right now! I'm entry number 434 incase you're wondering. I guess this would be lap/throw quilt size, not quite a twin…….

 One other quilt on the blocks waiting for divine inspiration. 
I need a nap!


  1. Wow,I need a nap after reading about all that quilty/sewing goodness! I think April + May = Super Busy :) Everything is very pretty.
    Enjoy your nap ;)

  2. I need a nap too after reading that! Still, at least you had loads of fun running around :o)

  3. Wow you really have been busy! I'm hoping you sit down and relax during June =D

  4. Such a great group of quilts stuff. I am so glad you like the pincushions!

  5. Lots of eye candy. I love your H2H quilt. It will brings lots of smiles to someone special.

  6. What a list, Stephanie!! And I love your H2H quilt - it's just perfect for a guy!! Thanks so much for participating this year!!

  7. You do some very wonderful work. Your H2H quilt is quite beautiful. I also really like yiur pin cushions.

  8. Love the H2H quilt...I'm sure it will be just right for that special person. I enjoyed looking at all your quilty projects. You have been busy indeed!

  9. Wow, you have been busy!! I love the H2H quilt and especially that you made it in gender-neutral colors. Men need quilty love, too. All your projects are beautiful!

  10. Love the H2H quilt. I think it's great for a guy or a girl, now that's not an easy thing to do! Great job.


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