Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dang, I feel sneaky.

So, I'm lucky to have met some wonderful people in Internet-land (kind of like Disney Land, but for grown-ups and better). One of the people I met lives in Missouri and I happened to find myself there recently, like a few days ago. Whitney and I finally got to meet in person! Both Whitney and Aidan, her daughter met with us (me and my daughter Remi) and we had a couple days to visit and be tourists. I brought a few pillows I made for Whitney with me so that I could deliver them in person (and I thought save some money on postage). You can see the story about them here. In the meantime I joined the Fab little pin cushion swap and guess who was my (secret) partner???? Uh huh…. Whitney. Since I usually send a few other goodies when we swap things and since I was also her {secret}partner for this pin cushion swap, I thought I'd casually mention that instead of bringing additional goodies with me to Missouri, I'd mail them when I got back, carry on luggage, limited space you know the routine. I'd give her her pillows but the other stuff would come via snail mail. When she gets back, she'll think that the package that comes in the mail is really the goodies I promised,   BUT  in addition it will ALSO be a pin cushion from the swap along with some more goodies just because. I hope the package has it's intended effect- we'll see- or she'll wonder why I'm, sending her a pincushion…..
Whitney-I know you said you liked it in the Flickr discussion thread, guess what? It's all yours.

 Whitney, I loved having you as a swap partner and meeting you and Aidan in person! Thanks again for being such a wonderful friend.


  1. your cushion is cute as a button. So happy that virtual life merged into real life for you - fun.

  2. How sneaky! Great pincushion! =D

  3. As well you should ;) It is great to be able to meet the real person behind all the emails/blog! Lovely pincushion.


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