Friday, November 11, 2011

Something to do with trash scraps and {not so} total failures

We all have them, scraps that perhaps were supposed to be something else, or tried to be something else and ended up in the scraps pile. Perhaps you stumbled upon this from a past post. (No I wasn't going for a circular look)
I was trying to make this
It had something to do with reading directions…. (or not reading them)

So what do you do with a total fail??? Obviously, I didn't throw it out. And lucky I didn't because I used it to make a nice warm and safe home for my new phone.
First, I used this pattern but modified the fabric size (for the iphone cut your exterior and interior fabrics as well as all your interfacing and fleece to 14 x 3.5") and the closure.
Follow the directions for making the Kindle/ ipad case with the following changes, 1/4" seams.
Fabric: 14 x 3.5"
I used a velcro closure: sew one of the velcro pieces to the inside of the lining before you sew the lining and the exterior together and the opposite piece to the main/exterior fabric where the flap will over-lap the main body before you sew the lining and the main body of the case together. Like me, you'll have to see where these fit best, or, if you like the closure, you can use the elastic and button mentioned in
the tutorial.
In addition I added a small loop to the case, made from a 3 x 2 inch scrap, Press length wise and open, folding each edge to the center and press again enclosing raw edges, stitch open edge closed length wise, fold in half and pin to inside of main body of the case, raw edges aligned and sew into the seam allowance.
Front, finished case, buttons- added detail

Back, iphone case

I also made a wrist strap with a silver clasp hardware and additional left over material. Cut a piece 12" in length, 2" wide and prepare as for loop. Attach hardware to case and off you go!
Front, with the wrist strap.

Back, with the wrist strap


  1. How lovely, such a good use of scrap fabrics.

  2. Got to love those "scraps" - cute phone holder!

  3. Like the wrapped turned out great!

  4. That looks fab, way to save that 'experiment' :oD


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