Friday, January 1, 2016

Let's Get Linear! Bee Sewcial January 2016

Art by: Muovo, Sunny Todd Prints and David Howard. All are inspiration for January's Theme and Variation Challenge.

Bee sewcial 2016 January

Theme and variations 
This month we shall compose (a quilt not music) by establishing a theme (linear piecing) and then pushing it’s boundaries (the variations). 

Theme: “Linear”, 
Variations: It’s all about the line. Linear improvisational piecing in all its forms. I have provided several examples of what I’m looking for in the inspirational photos by designers David Howard, Muovo, Sunny Todd Pints. This is only a sample of the many possibilities one can envision at the intersection of the line with geometric shape.  I’m certain you can think of many more. Please compose your linear creation(s) so I get the equivalent of 2-12” blocks or 1-12 x 24” block, which ever size platform fits your creation.  These are approximate measurements, so no need to fret the inches as long as when trimming to fit, I’m not trimming off your design.  No raw edge appliqué. One great book for design inspiration and research is “Print & Pattern Geometric, Bowie Style”. 

Composers notes:

  yellows: Kona curry/ochre/butterscotch/yarrow (rich dark yellows)

grays: all are fair game, but please stay away from the darkest grays (charcoal, 
           pepper and black).

neutrals: Kona white/snow/oyster/bone/natural 

           shocking pop of color: in just one area of your design add a shocking pop of    
           color by choosing a medium saturated color in any of the fabrics that fall under  
           the broad spectrum of pinks/ oranges/reds (the Kona color chart has too many   
           choices to mention and all are acceptable).  

I am not posting any sample blocks this year, just inspirational pictures.  Please post all WIP under the #beesewcial and #inspiredbybeesewcial hashtags on IG and on Flickr. Please tag each bee mate as well so no one will miss your feed. 


  1. Inspiring! Can't wait to get my lines on. Xo


  2. This will be fun. My question is are you looking for three solids with one pop of colour or various greys, yellows and neutrals with one pop of colour?

  3. Keeping us on the straight and narrow from the start. Thinking, thinking... I need to dream on it a few nights and then jump in.


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