Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Checking the list and mailing things once

The packages of scraps, selvedges, hexies and orphan blocks are ready to go to their new homes. In the process of finishing a quilt, I "found" a few more so there will be 8 packages on their way.

I need mailing addresses for the following people.

Please send them to me at: spontaneousthreads at gmail dot com

For some of you I only have your "blogger"  name, so please forgive my not calling you by your given name. I am also posting this list on IG. I sincerely hope you all get this message.

Sylvia Shaefer, Aunt TC, Pajtr, Kathy (kayakquilting), Betty (b78ayers), Kathryn (kupitis), Teje and Jodi (gmmeenan).

Thank you all for participating and happy making!!!

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