Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Inspired by"

I gave away pillows for Mother's Day, but it didn't occur to me that perhaps Dad's like pillows too.
I got a funny text from my sister-in-law thanking me for her Mother's Day pillow.
 She mentioned that her husband, my brother-in-law, thought the pillow looked great, but lonely on the couch (ha!). So, since he has a birthday close to the end of May and with Father's Day just around the corner, I'm guessing that perhaps he wants a pillow too. Same shape as the other and with similar colors but the design is totally different.

This time I went with linen and improv inset curves.  I pieced the pillow log cabin style rotating the pieced strips so that the inset curves were running in different directions. Then I used lots of punctuated dense quilting. I washed the linen first and I must say, it's a very tactile and soft pillow. I love it!  My brother-in-law is an art dealer. I hope this appeals to his sensibilities.
The back is linen with an exposed black zipper, simple and unadorned.

"Running in Different Directions"
Rectangle pillow 16 x24"(IKEA pillow inset)
Gray (I believe the color is "elephant"), mid-weight linen, pre washed (from
Misc. gray print 100% cotton quilting cotton scraps, various makers. Solids: Kona snow, crocus and pond.
Aurifil 50 wt, 100% Mako cotton, #2021 (off white) and #2605 (gray)- piecing and some quilting, Aurifil #2582 (purple).

It's been pouring and hailing here, off and on, for several days, so you grab the time you have to photograph and hope for the best!


  1. I love this pillow, its so sophisticated.

  2. What a great idea! Men do like pillows too. I haven't seen that size form - I think it would work well for a couch pillow. Thank you for the idea!

  3. Great pillow! It is such a clean, simple design but so effective! It is sure to be a hit!


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