Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do you see what I see

A Colorado wedding, a beautiful night, a perfect venue and a very fun and meaningful quilt.
"Do you see what I see"
58" x 71"
Original Design
100% Kona cotton solids for the grays and the whites (kona white, snow, ash, steel, medium gray, coal, charcoal, black) and various yellows (kona curry- solid) misc. 100% cotton quilting prints, remainder.
Thread: Aurifil 100% cotton 50 wt, #2021 (off white) piecing- top of quilt: #2021, and #4665 (variegated black), #1158 (med. gray) and #2625 (light gray) for the quilt bottom, #2140 (mustard yellow). 
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom cotton
Backing: I used every scrap left from piecing the front to complete the back. "Randomly" pieced (because you can see some planning if you look closely. 
Binding: split, Kona snow (top part of quilt) and Kona charcoal (bottom part of quilt).
Detail, binding. I also switched thread color- top and bottom as seen here.

Quiting: Bernina modified stitch #4;  each "bow-tie/butterfly/firefly" is free motioned quilted differently in a mustard yellow thread (#) used in the spool and the bobbin so that you can see the outlines of the stitching on the reverse side of the quilt.
Front, detail

Front, detail

Back, detail (yellow thread used in bobbin)
New to me: I used every scrap of left over fabric from the front piecing/cutting on the back. As I was cutting and piecing I kept a basket near and put all the scraps together. I then pieced and randomly placed them all on the quilt back. It was fun to see the basket empty when the back was complete. Additional solids and printed gray fabrics were added to complete the quilt back.
Back, close-up

Back, close-up
I asked my few followers on Instagram if they could offer up some suggestions for the quilt name while it was still a work in progress. Several thought of fireflies, one commented on the transition from light to dark, other, bow ties, or even butterfies. Thinking about all of this and the fact that one of the people getting married is the Manager of Public and Professional Relations for The Rocky Mountain Eye Bank,  the name "Do you see what I see" seemed more than predestined. 
The quilt is the perfect size for sitting on the couch and I heard that their living room is painted a sunny yellow color. I hope this quilt holds a lifetime of stories, each as unique as the couple getting married.


  1. Lovely! Impressive switch in thread colors btw! Plus I just really like your original design...

  2. That is such a sweet, generous and thoughtful gift! And beautiful too, I love your use of greys and color! And the quilt and back turned out awesome.

  3. Love it! Your quilt label is wonderful too. Truly a gift of love.

  4. I think this is one of my favorites that you have done-both the back and the front. Your friends must LOVE you.


  5. Very inspirational - I saw the front first, but then thought the back was the front. I like the gradation of colors on the front. The use of the yellow is brilliant, the eyes have places to stop and focus in the quilt. I could see many different colors where the yellows are. I am sure they love it - good work.


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