Saturday, April 19, 2014

To Melissa with Love

My little pieces of big quilt L*O*V*E
Our Guild made a quilt for our esteemed leader. She passed the baton this year after many years of founding and steering our guild (Front Range Modern Quilt Guild) in all kinds of quilty wonderfulness. We all made butterflies using Melissa's own (now famous) quilt for inspiration. You can read Melissa's  story and get the pattern here.
Melissa's quilt, photo pinched from her Flickr post to the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild. I couldn't just ask for the photo, that would have given the surprise away! 
We altered her pattern to a slightly different scale and changed the layout, because honestly, you can't copy perfection. Angela cropped the butterflies, making each one unique, and designed the layout. Susan Santistevan did the quilting, I did the binding and took photos.
This is what we all came up with. It is made with lots and lots of LOVE. Thank you Melissa!

Back- wishes and thanks frame the butterflies on both sides.

one of my butterflies

and another (you can see their metamorphosis from the quilt blocks above)

I did the binding for the quilt and decided to go with all different blacks,
instead of a single solid color. Unique, like Melissa.

My wish to Melissa. (We all signed the back)


  1. I love this take on the butterflies, they are so interesting. The quilting is really wonderful too.

  2. Very cool! Love the unique take on Melissa's butterflies...

  3. An absolutely perfect tribute!

  4. Thank you, Stephanie. For this blog post, for your kind words, for the work you did on my quilt, for BEING one of the butterflies willing to spread your wings a little and step out. You amaze me. Every quilt you make - large or small, parts or whole -- takes my breath away, and this one is just as amazing. And thank you for always being ready with an encouraging word, for helping me to believe that we were doing good here. :)

    I, too, love how Angela laid it out. It's just so much more interesting than mine! And I love the symbolism. And Susan's swirls. :) Perfect!!

    I am so thankful for all of the wonderful members of the guild. In the words of Aristotle - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Thank you. For a million and one things. :)


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