Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Bandy- April, Joey's month

I can now post this since Joey has received her package. April was Joey's  "Birthday" month, so this is what I sent. They are for her dogs, but since I didn't have one handy, or in the right size, the garden rabbit was drafted.

They are pieced and densely quilted doggie collars. One with a "white" neutral background, the other in grays. Doggie collars are a first for me so I hope she likes them. They are adjustable and washable.
 The inside of one is green polka dot, the other purple.
In addition, I made Joey a small zip pouch that she can stuff with whatever her heart desires. She mentioned that she has developed a liking for juvenile prints, so I hope these sweet mice are what she had in mind.
Zip pouch front

Zip pouch, back

Happy Birthday Joey!!!


  1. Awesome idea with the dog collars!

  2. The dog collars are AMAZING!! I love them, thank you so much! I put them on the dogs as soon as I got them home. SO GREAT. I've not sewed my dogs anything so far, but now you've put me in the mood and I have visions of matching leashes and dog beds dancing in my head. Thank you!!!

  3. PS: I've been so giddy over the collars I didn't properly thank you for the pouch, too. It is terrific! I will absolutely use it a ton, I've already put swewing supplies into it. Love the Heather Ross mice, and also love the text and polkadots you matched it with. Adorable!

  4. These are all really awesome! I love the matchstick quilting. Need to give that a go. Beautiful work as always


  5. What a great idea to make her some collars for her pups. Nice job and super cute!


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