Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bento Box a go-go!

Finally another finish from the UFO pile, a wacky bento box swap. I added some Kona solids and a few Go baby! swap fabrics from a FRMQ Guild swap and voila!


The details:
Title: Waiting (and waiting) for Spring
Size: 88" x 70"
Design layout and quilting- Me
Material: Front- various quilting cottons, Kona solids: Charcoal, Coal and Snow
               Back- various quilting cottons, Kona solids: Charcoal and Coal
Batting: 100% cotton warm and natural
Thread: Aurifil, 50 wt Mako cotton, various colors
From the front, you really can't see the FMQ at all

Even in a close up, it's hard to see

But from the back, the FMQ really stands out

Each Bento box section has a different flower

Close up of some of the flowers and the Go Baby! fabrics from the FRMQG

Close up of a stylized bleeding heart

Close-up of dogwood blossoms. It looks like there are 5 flowers, but it's an optical illusion


  1. wow, the quilting is amazing, you are really getting good at that! :) Congrats on a UFO finish!

  2. I may have to rethink the layout I have partially done with my bento swap blocks because yours is so much better!! Love the quilting, you must be so proud.

  3. The quilting is incredible. I'm glad you showed close ups of the back. The optical illusion created by the flowers is really cool. I love the stylized bleeding hearts too.

  4. I love it when the quilting shows off like that on the back! Makes our hard work worth it. I have made a bento box quilt, I did it the long hard way without looking at directions, but it did turn out right. This is a great looking quilt, patch yourself on the back for a nice finish!

  5. oh I love this one! The blocks, the colors with the grey, the quilting!! Beautiful quilt :-)

  6. Not sure if the other comment went through or evaporated . . . first time visiting you - love, love, love this quilt (and the two college quilts are AWESOME).

  7. WOW! I know I am a bit late to seeing this, but your quilting is perfect for this piece AND it is really, really fun! Love it.


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