Monday, January 28, 2013

It's not about me, but it's still exciting….

Have you checked out the current issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited???

Well, if you have it, you can turn to the back and read about my Guild, Front Range Modern Quilt Guild and see a picture of my "Tail Wind Quilt".  And check us out here too: Facebook and Flickr
See lower right hand corner, my quilt, eek!


  1. That's exciting!!!

  2. It is too about you, there is that stunning quilt, congratulations! Are you making something emerald?

  3. So I'm going to make it about me! I didn't know I was in that pic, haha!! But really, it's a great article, and so great that our guild and your quilt got the spotlight in a national publication : )


  4. That is so so wonderful! Yay!!! So proud of you!

  5. Your quilt DESERVES the recognition!! It's really a magnificent quilt, made by a very creative and innovative and inspirational quilter. We are lucky to have you in our guild. :)


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