Friday, January 4, 2013

200th post winner

OK, thanks everyone for leaving me all those kind comments….
Here is my holiday table, (featuring the quilted placemats) since some of you asked! I went with my clear glass dinner wear to show off the placemats. My "fancy" plates covered too much.

I did end up washing all the placemats after the big meal, (and line dried them instead of tossing them into the drier) and after a light touch up with the steam iron, they look almost new. Unlike the nice soft wrinkled look of a quilt, wrinkled is not (necessarily) the look I'm going for on a set table.

But this is not what you are waiting to hear. The winner of the 200th post giveaway will receive Kelly Biscopink and Andrea Johnson's 2012 book: Modern Designs for Classic Quilts.

 And the winner is, 

Chrystal who said"These are so fun!! I'm sure the binding wasn't, but it's gotta be more fun to have all the different placemats, instead of 12 of the same thing! ".

Chrystal, Please send me your snail mail address and I will be sending you your "surprise" in the mail.
Happy New Year!!!


  1. Love your placemats in action! Congrats to Chrystal!

  2. Yay, that's me!!! I will send you an email in just a sec with my address. Thanks for offering the giveaway : )

    Chrystal (via my husband's google account)

  3. Hah! I was so confused! Jeff says "Yay, that's me!!!" :) Silly Chrystal. LUCKY Chrystal! Congrats!

    And happy new year, Stephanie! :)


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