Monday, September 17, 2012

A tale of 2 pillows

"Tic-tac pillow", 20 x 20", left
"Not your grandmother's flower garden", 20 x 22", right

 I've never done this before. Made something for a swap, liked it so much, I kept it, made another and liked it too. I will not resort to eeny-meeny-miney-mo! One of these pillows has got to go (to the swap that is). They are different, but somehow complimentary. I think it's the circle thing going on. Or perhaps the colors, or perhaps the slightly organic quilting. (Ok it's more than slightly organic). But here they are. I made them in late summer, but cannot post until now because the swap entailed not letting anyone know who made what pillows, part of the rules for the Modern Quilted Pillow Swap.  Well, atlas I can say here they are! I won't say for sure which one I kept, but the person who gets one of them will know which one is hers.

Close-up quilting on front of Pillow 1

Close-up quilting on front of pillow 2

and here are the backs

Pillow one with circles and "weaves", free form pieced

Pillow 2, whole cloth quilting with an echoed flower.
So, Modern Quilted Pillow Swap recipient, I sure hope you like your pillow, I know I do!!!


  1. Beautiful pillows! Your partner will be thrilled.

  2. Such gorgeous pillows! I so wish I had been in the swap now! =D

  3. Those are wonderful...the one on the left is my favorite! Wow...I have cleaned up and put away my sewing supplies for the rest of this week...this pillow will be in my mind to make something similar! I love the quilting! I will be ready next week to start fresh...what an inspiration!

  4. I love them both, I hope one might be coming my way. Your quilting is just beautiful.


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