Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, I'm finally home from being here and there.
Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

Chateau Pau, Pau, France

For any of you that follow le Tour de France, this requires NO other explanation

Facade, Sangre de Familia, Barcelona, Spain

When I got home I did this……..

A Quilter’s Table

…… and this pillow for the Modern Quilted Pillow Swap- which I couldn't post until now, because it's a voting swap and we have to be anonymous. We were supposed to give the pillow a name, which in my jet lagged state I forgot. So, after the fact, I think it should be called "Fractured Jet-Lag".
MQPS: front: Gusseted square pillow (about 15")
Free form piecing with orange accents

Close-up of quilting(pebble and straight line with a pale blue thread)

The back, orange zipper closure
I have my block to get in the mail for the Always Learning Bee- my month is August. We're doing something along these lines……
Improv curved piecing
More on my block- Keep posted!!!


  1. That looks like a wonderful trip! I love your pillow with all that quilting!

  2. What great pictures from your trip! Love the pillow, what a great name. The block looks very cool =D

  3. Whew, you've been busy, but looks like you had a fun trip :o)

  4. wonderful pictures of holiday, thanks for sharing & fun little polaroid hedge-hog. Also can you believe it was this time last year we were knee deep in stashtacular! time flies! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Wow, you've been all over. Looks like a great trip. Love the pillow and the blocks, I love the little hedgehog :)

  6. Ese ultimo bloque de curvas... me encanta.
    Parece que anda divirtiéndose no?


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