Sunday, July 1, 2012

July De-stash Giveaway is here!

It's July and here in the USA we trend towards red-white-and blue, but, I'm following the rainbow, so purple it is…..

So, for July, this giveaway will be open to people living in the US only. Anyone can comment however and I do love to hear from you, so comment away.

In order to be in the running to win July's box of Purple goodies please let me know what your garden is growing right now and if it's edible, what your favorite recipe using that ingredient. You don't have to share family secrets, just a name and if it's easy and you want to share, please do.  It's summertime and it's time to round up some good recipes to share. 

Right now we have sour pie cherries in abundance. My husbands does the honors picking and pitting and then we make pies, jam and freeze the remainder for the winter. We had our first pie yesterday and it was fabulous. (Cheater sour cherry pie: 1 package of ready made pie crusts, 4 cups sour pie cherries, pitted, 1/4 cup tapioca, 1/4 cup sugar (although this is to taste), a few bits of butter. Prepare the bottom crust in a pie dish. Mix the tapioca, cherries and sugar and let sit for about 20 minutes. Ladle the mixture onto the pice crust. Dot with butter. Cut remaining crust into strips and lattice weave the pie top. Bake 350 degrees F for about 40-50 minutes. Cool and serve plain or with whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream.

Details for the 2012 Monthly Giveaway:

I will post a photo of the give-away each month during the first week of the month- so check back often, so you don't miss out.

You will have until the 21st of each month to leave a comment.

Leave only one comment per person.

I will pick a winner and get your package in the mail by the 25th of each month (postal holidays and weekends excepted). (Make sure you don't fall in to the no-reply blogger category- if I can't get you I'll pick someone else).

I know some of my followers are outside the USA. Because international postal rates abroad are much more expensive I will be doing international mailings only a few times during the year (these are big packages and costly to send). Please know- I haven't forgotten you and appreciate your following me- I really do. So, I will specifically post whether the monthly destash-give-away is open to international entries on any given month.

Thanks for all your support and good luck in 2012! Remember 6 chances remain to win this year- Go for it!!!


  1. Non edible flowers. It's drying up:(

  2. Jalapenos :) we fill them with pepper cheese, wrap them in bacon and broil for 10 minutes. They are fire hot but awesome!

  3. From our garden: Various heirloom tomatoes - we like them freshly sliced and undressed. Cucumbers peeled, sliced and served in apple cider vinegar. "Varmits" have decimated our planted in the ground garden so depending on the items that are growing in earth boxes.
    Purple is a wonderful color isn't it! alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Thank you for last month's giveaway. It was waiting on my front step when i came home from Vacation today. The only thing growing around me that I can put my name to is a minature white rose bush. The pettals are edible and I guess one could make rose water with them :) thanks again.

  5. we have calla lilies growing and tomatoes and some peppers! thanks for the chance!

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  7. Pretty pile of purples you're destashing this month. Here in South Africa (count me out for the draw) we're in the throes of winter, but I don't garden anymore, so there's just grass, and some trees, and some shrubs. Many years ago when there were fruit trees, I remember a season when I made bottles and bottles of plum jam with barely ripe plums. One batch burnt and it was the tastiest of the lot!! Really delicious. I tried the next season to burn a batch but it didn't come out right, wouldn't you know! Margaret

  8. I have lots of gorgeous Day Lilies, Marigolds, Yarrow, and Evening Primroses growing right now. Most of our edibles are not quite ready yet, but the Basil is almost ready to pick to make pesto.

  9. I don't think anything is actually still growing in my garden. We had a few really hot days and I think everything died out. Before it got hot though we enjoyed the basil, cilantro, mint, and oregano that was growing. I had a lot of fun using my fresh herbs making pasta. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Purple is my favorite color!

  10. I don't have a garden, but the weeds in my far back yard are thriving even in this heat!

  11. I am new to your blog and a new follower. I have a small vegetable garden and a lot of flowers....some perennials and a lot of annuals. They are looking pretty good despite the hot dry conditions...I've planted a variety of herbs, some summer squash, tomatoes, peppers,and cucumbers (I'll be making my hamburg relish) The recipe can be found here: Thanks for the chance to win the de-stash box....I luv purple. Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!

  12. Purple is my FAVORITE color. Right now, there are strawberries and tomatoes growing - my favorite recipe with strawberries is a simple strawberry banana peach smoothie! Using about 6 strawberries, a whole banana, and a peach maes more than enough for two people (plus some OJ, ice, and a little honey).

  13. We're growing strawberries. Honestly, my favorite is to pick them and immediately eat them. Home grown strawberries are just so tasty fresh off the vine.

    One of my favorite things to use other strawberries for is to make a yummy drink. I blend cheap champagne with frozen strawberries until it is a thick smoothie consistency. A lot of times I will add a sprinkle of powdered sugar when I'm blending it since it takes away a bit of the bite of the champagne. It's my favorite drink for a romantic evening with my husband.



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