Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Isn't this what you hope for, really…...

I am lucky to have a group of dedicated sewing students. Moms, all, that have come over the years to my house to sharpen their sewing skills. In the 5 plus years of getting together we have tackled all kinds of things from bags, to gloves,  bowls to coats. A few of my students last year decided that they were "ready" to try quilting. And after a year of pattern selection and fabric cutting, piecing and quilting, summer sewing and cheerleading, one quilt is done!
Madi's Monsters by Kirsten Rifkin for her daughter Madison. Queen quilt, appliqued design with machine piecing and quilting. Tie dye flannel backing. 
Congratulations Kirsten! Well done!! Now, only 3 more quilters to go!


  1. So cute. I made this same quilt for my grandson's second birthday, 2005!

  2. this is amazing! How neat you get to share your gift of sewing with others! Now I think you're even cooler and kinder than I did before :)


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