Thursday, January 19, 2017

Breaking down big ideas

Sometimes one idea begets another. Case in point.


Although this quilt is only 18" x 19" it became the starting point for an exploration of scale based on this original design. I loved each section of this small quilt and decided to play with the idea of taking each quadrant and making a larger quilt from its sections.

"Quartered A, 1/x" resulted from that exploration

This study from the upper left hand section of the original smaller quilt finished at 42.5" x 42.5". Like it's smaller cousin the colors and flow of the quilt remain the same. Because of the expansive use of subtle minimalism extra care was taken in the thread selection for this quilt. 

Difficult to see, and subtle for sure, there are dozens of different closely color coordinated threads in differing weights and fibers (silk and cotton) that pay homage to the 3  main colors used in the making of the quilt. Up close you can see and feel the threads used in the matchstick quilting.
One of the ideas I still have brewing for this small quilt and her larger scaled cousins is to place hanging sleeved on all 4 sides of the larger pieces allowing for different arrangements of the 4 quilts when hung together. If I do my math correctly, the 256 possibilities would be interesting to explore.

Both quilts will be hanging at Quiltcon in Savannah, GA, February 2017. 

18" x 19"
Restricted seaming study (less than 12 seams) using Kona 100% cotton quilting solids in snow, steel, wasabi, tangerine, glacier, breakers, pool and bone.
Dense matchstick (echoed) quilting with Aurifil 100% threads, color matched. #2026, 2311, 4093, 2615, 5004, 2810. (50 wt for piecing, 28 wt for quilting).
Double batting (layered 100% cotton, 100% wool).
Self facing

"Quartered A, 1/x"
42.5" x 42.5"
Sub study of smaller quilt with only 2 seams. Minimalist aesthetic and study o f scale.
Kona 100% cotton quilting solids in pool, bone and snow.
Dense color coordinated matchstick echo quilting in numerous threads of differing weights (50 wt, 40 wt and 28 wt) by Aurifil (for colors see above), in addition off -white silk thread from Superior threads .
Hobb's heirloom 80/20 cotton poly blend batting 
Self facing

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  1. I hope I have time to look at and appreciate all the different texture and color you added in through the quilting. I really like the idea of being able to hang the quadrants in different relationships to one another.


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