Saturday, September 26, 2015


Bee Sewcial blocks- September: "Some things are better left unsaid".  The design parameters and a shout out to all quilters here.   If you want to see the design work of the other quilters sewing along please visit Instagram and look for the hashtag, #inspiredbybeesewcial.

"Embrace"- more expansive than a hug and open-ended to be all inclusive. Embrace Life, love, friends and sometimes even enemies….. embrace it all and never, ever let go!  "Ascend"- no baby steps here. If the stakes are high enough and you ARE determined; succeed or fail, you WILL take that leap of faith because out's really your only option. Oh, and that last step, let's just agree it's a doozy.

Embrace and Ascend
tiny bit of nano particle fabric right after that last step
Pieced partial spiral. It's harder to do than it looks, especially those "curves" at the tips.
This block is only 10" square

Haven do. good stitches- scrappy UFO/ Orphan blocks - the blocks finish at 12.5"

Some silly sewing for the Varsity girls Field Hockey Team at East High School. They got new uniforms this year. The bags are done in school colors (a great stash buster) can be used to keep uniforms from cleats, or vise versa. They are big enough to be used later on for shoe bags when they all head off to college in the fall.

a little chalk board fabric helped keep everyones uniforms organized

Read Between the Lines received a 1st place ribbon at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI.  Latifah was at the show and was kind to send this photo. I don't keep many of my quilts, but with 2 ribbons in its pedigree, this one is a keeper.

Seattle Pacific Art Center Submissions- more to come on October 3rd, but for now a sneak peek won't hurt.

TulaYAH swap- with all the projects that need finishing I had to get this done and off my to-do list. It don't mail until November 1st, but it feels good to be done. PLUS, Tula Pink was in Denver at Fancy Tiger Crafts in September and so it began.
"Mug Rug" front
Dense matchstick quilting really makes Tula fabric yummy
A little improve on the right to use up those precious scraps

Yes, dear partner, Tula herself signed your Mug Rug

Fun backing fabric too

Thought you might like your "extra" to be make with her new "Eden" line

Needle book inside
Oh, yes, there are a few other surprises…... think Vintage Tula and a YAH mug, I didn't forget. And because I couldn't have done this with out you, a signed piece of vintage Hushabye for a most generous Kathryn.

I'm pretty sure there are a few other sewing projects mixed in there, like the ones for a class I'm teaching at Fabricate Boulder, but a girl has got to have a few secrets, no?

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  1. You have been busy. I love the Bee Sewcial blocks and your quilt deserves 10 ribbons, maybe 100. You sure knocked it out of the park with the Tula Swap, autographs are pretty cool.


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