Monday, August 10, 2015

And the winner is…..

THANK YOU all for the thoughtful and supportive comments. I hope that you perhaps all look at your scrap bin with your rose colored glasses on in the future.

As promised the winner is …… Tamara King, @metamarama (IG).  Chosen by Mr. Random number generator.

What did she win? Well, Tamara, I will make you, either a mini quilt or a pillow, from my  scraps, but you choose the colors. I will also make sure to use a small piece of my 2015 nano particle fabric int eh design.

In addition I will include some fat quarters of blenders compliments of Fabricate Boulder, my sponsor.

What I need from you:
1. color preferences
2. solids, prints, both, don't care.

oh, and when it's ready to go, an address.

Congrats and I look forward to working with you.

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