Saturday, July 11, 2015

On being Uncomfortable

One of several overriding themes this year for the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild was to try things outside your quilting "box" to stretch your skills, to be "uncomfortable". We told the guild members, any thing they made throughout this process that they weren't thrilled with, or that they didn't like enough to try again, we would take and incorporate into charity quilts for the the Guild.

So far this year, 2 quilts have been made from donated blocks. Much of the donated fabric comes from Pink Door Fabrics.
Three of us took donated blocks and pieced the tops. It took us one day to get 2 tops plus backs pieced and ready for quilting.
Selecting the blocks to use

The quilt top coming together.
Lots of "Y" seams
We made a few additional blocks to make the top cohesive.

Quilt top done!
Second Quilt top pieced.
Yes, some people have seen a secondary (unintentional) image here.

 Susan Santestevan did the quilting. The quilts are gorgeous.

auditioning the binding in Susan's studio
So, beauty from scraps. It can be done. These 2 quilts will go to the local police department and will be put in patrol cars responding to domestic violence calls where there are children known to be present.


  1. What a great idea for a charity quilt! There is so much to see in those Quilts. I hope the children will see the beauty there.

  2. Beauty indeed. I love both quilts!!

  3. What a great idea. The quilt is lovely

  4. When I saw the photo t the top of the post I never guessed that it was made from blocks that 'did not thrill'. I love both the quilts and what a great idea. Well done to the three of you and I am sure they will provide a lot of love to the recipients.

  5. That is a work of art - I love it. Can't believe you didn't like the blocks cuz I sure do...


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