Friday, April 17, 2015

Marsala 2015, Big and little

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala

I'm not one to pass up a challenge and in a color that I'm comfortable with.
So comfortable that while creating, I generated scraps for another….
3 Marsala projets, 1 Big, 1 little, one still a WIP
Here goes…..

The  {big} QUILT

"Chihuly Days and Nights"

Size: 66 x 52"
Fabrics: Top all Kona 100% cotton solid scraps in: Cinnamon, Cocoa, Crimson, Brick, Garnet, Burgundy, Mahogany, Paprika, Curry, Lagoon, Aqua, Pomegranate, Chinese Red, Glacier, Tangerine, Flame, Nightfall, Prussian, Cyan, Turquoise, Ocean, Surf, Caribbean, Mediterranean.
             Back: see top- pieced from scraps, playing with the day/night theme as well.
Batting: 100% warm and Natural
Thread: Top (Auriful 50 wt 100% cotton in 2460, Superior Metallics in Red #N62, Bronze #N59 and 
                     Copper #N56)
             Bobbin (Aurifil 50 wt 100% cotton in 2460)
Binding: 2" pieced straight of grain
Quilting: Bernina modified stitch No. 4 stretched and widened, walking foot.

Quilting adds texture
Derived Inspiration: The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens was a feast for the eyes and I visited it three times, both during the day and at night. The colors, shapes and patterns really made an impression on me.
front improv piecing details

back details
I purposely kept the quilting textural since the piecing is busy. I used "Marsala" as the negative space and the canvas to showcase the improv pieced quilt blocks. I drew again from a 2014 bias and added gradations of Superior Metallic threads in 3 colors to one side of the quilt. The binding is pieced, but subtle. Again, like the quilting a cohesive component but not what the eye stops on. I wanted the "blocks" to remind me of the exhibit during both daylight and evening hours and hope that I achieved that when all was said and done. 
Details, small improv triangles  at quilts edge and a detail of the wavy quilting

Which then brings me to the second of my Pantone Color of the year entries…….

The {little} Quilt/Pillow

"Storm Coming"
18 x 18" square
Fabrics: remnant scraps from "Chihuly" quilt above
Densely FMQ changing threads to match the Kona fabrics, Aurifil threads in multiple colors, Superior metallic thread in a blue/peacock. 
FMQ, metallic threads in blue/peacock at top

more FMQ, each section quilted differently.

2" straight of grain binding in a colorful stripe
Fusible batting
Couch sitting (it is a pillow after all)

And the FINAL Marsala Project, I promise, a work in progress from an amazing talented group of Bee Sewcial Quilters- I'll give you the basics, pretty much just the top, as there is way more to come on this quilt, so much so, I don't even have a name yet…..
Bee Sewcial- January quilt top
62" x 68"
This will be mine to keep, as January was my month. The inspiration, once again was the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The talented ladies of this group were asked to work within a color palette and with a set of photos for inspiration. Improv was the "flavor" of the month and everyone worked from solid fabric from their stash.
closer view

Miraculously enough, and even with all the crazy "Y" seams  and oddly shaped "blocks", I only had a minimal amount of trimmings.

 I used every bit and piece made for me by these talented ladies.

a block from Hillary scraps and a few extras

 Let me introduce the group: Leanne (shecanquilt), Debbie (aquilterstable), Hillary (entropyalwayswins), Kari (quiltsforthemaking/crafthappy), Melissa (weshallsew), Latifah (latifahsaffirstudio), Felicity (felicityquilts), Diane (randomthoughtsdoordi), Marci (marcigirldesigns) and Me!

Did I mention I like Marsala????

I am linking this blog post to Adrianne On the Windy Side and Play-Crafts  for the Pantone Color of the Year Quilt Challenge. Please visit and see all the wonderful and creative Marsala quilts, big and small! Pictures on Flickr and IG (#pantonequilt2015) as well.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so inspired by your work, and adore where you've gone with Marsala. Of course, can barely wait to see the Bee Sewcial work continue!

  2. Specatacular and beautiful!! I am so loving the work being done in Bee Sewcial. Amazing, all of it.

  3. A triple whammy - Marsala didn't see you coming! The metallic thread on the peacock is a nice touch. Amazing work. You've captured Chihuly so well and I am beyond excited by the makings of Bee Sewcial.

  4. Your use of Marsala is fantastic! I thought that it was a bit tricky to get the color to shine, but the palette you selected made Marsala really come to life.

  5. Great job, overacheiver! haha! I'm especially drawn to the pillow, I think it's the yellow. I like the warm vs cool colors of the finished quilt - and great job on the quilting. All around goodness.

  6. Wow - you really went to town on the Marsala. I love that you brought in the royal blue and yellow as accent colours, they add a lot of life and liveliness. Thanks for playing along!

  7. Three beautiful projects! I am especially drawn to the Chihuly-inspired pieces, they do a lovely job of capturing the color and lines of his work. The texture in the marsala area of your top quilt really draws me in and the pops of blue are gorgeous. Wonderful work!


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