Saturday, January 17, 2015

Last in, first out

"White Out", the last quilt finish of 2014, is the first quilt I'll get to write about in 2015. It was gifted during Christmas so I'm not spoiling any surprises. It is also the 3rd quilt in the derived inspiration series, so here goes…..

"White Out", derived inspiration, No.3
99 x 86"
The Front
My "helpers" were cold but I loved how the sun shines through the quilt in places.
The back lighting makes the "colors" more saturated.
The photo below of the basted quilt is a more realistic representation of the quilt as it would appear on a bed.
Over 40 WOW (white-on-white), cream, and subtle gray fabrics including: Mirror Ball Dot by Michael Miller, Tara Reed for Quilting Treasures, Classical Elements Chevrons, Kona Cottons (Pewter, Iron Gray, Coal Snow White), Lizzy Pearl bracelets by Andover Fabrics, Magnolia by Laura Gunn, Sketch by Timeless Treasures, Fairy Frost by Michael Miller, Cotton & Steel Solid Oyster, Watermark by Studio R, Shimmer by Jennifer Sampou, Cotton & Steel XOXO in Ghost, Tweet Together Medallion, Botanics Lineal Etching Hip Holiday by Josephine Kimberling for Blend, Whisper Prints Squiggle by Robert Kaufman, Botanics Etched Leaves, Cotton & Steel XXXX Netorious, Sun Prints Bike Path by Andover Fabrics, Shades of Black by Moda, STOF Quilters Shadow by Moda, Muslin Mates by Moda, Riley Blake White on White, Zig Zag Chevron White, Tile in Snow Metro Living by Robert Kaufman, Stencil Block, Studio 8 Metro Hexagon by Quilting Treasures, White basics dot by Riley Blake, Gilded Leaf by Benartex, Moda Muslin Mates Scissors, Moda Muslin Mates Polka Dot, Riley Blake chevron basics, Riley Blake blenders, Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House for Andover fabrics, Metro Living Circles Snow by Robert Kaufman. There are also a few additional cotton fabrics whose selvedges I  did not have but they were perfect WOW and I included them as well.
Fabric pull, and this was only a partial selection
all pieced and pinned, ready for quilting

Batting: Dream Orient by Quilters Dream (silk, bamboo, Tencel and cotton). I had never used this quilt batting before and I will say that is sewed beautifully and didn't seem to add any difficulties to the fact that I was using metallic threads.
Threads: Top (Metallics only): Superior threads Slate, Antique Silver and Silver. Marathon Threads, white. Bobbin: Aurifil variegated white/ivory/ gray #4060, 50 wt, 100% cotton. I used 20 bobbins to complete this quilt. I want to say that I had absolutely NO problems using metallic threads on the top and 100% cotton thread in the bobbin. They played very well together.

Tools: Jay Bird Quilts Hex-n-more Triangle ruler
Binding: 2" straight of grain, color pieced to match the quilt.
Quilting: on the diagonal 3/8" straight rows (more or less), with 2 areas of crossed diagonal quilting. Done entirely on my domestic Bernina 180 using a walking foot.

Quilt back: Top remnants, additional fabrics purchased but not used on the top, large areas of Kona coal. I used inset seaming liberally and one tiny pop (Kona Chinese Red) of color chosen by my daughter.
The back- I love how the sun shining through shows off the piecing seams especially at the top

Inspiration: an Athleta reusable shopping bag received December 2013 and currently in use this past season as well. The metallic and sophisticated pattern caught my then 15 year old, now 16 year old fancy and she asked if I could make the design of the bag into a quilt. I collected WOW fabrics for 8 months before embarking on this triangle quilt.

New: I have never quilted an entire quilt in metallic thread. I have used metallics focally and sparing in prior quilts but all of the top thread in this quilt is metallic. I had trouble only once (the white metallic Marathon thread) with the thread twisting and knotting as it came off the spool, but a more circuitous route from spool to machine seemed to get that resolved rather quickly. I also used, and highly recommend if you are contemplating quilting with metallics, the special needles (recommended by the manufacturers). I did not have to adjust my thread tension which is sometimes required. I think that extra glint really makes this quilt sophisticated and gives it a real wintery flair.


  1. I love this, it makes me want to make one too.

  2. Sophisticated and amazing. Love it!

  3. You are such an inspiration❤️ What a treasure you have created for your daughter-just beautifulšŸ˜

  4. This quilt is lovely! I love the gradation to the grey in the corner!


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