Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm doing this, are you doing this???

I'm doing this, are you?
Here is my block.

Paper pieced (center) star pattern designed by: Amy Friend at During Quiet Time.
          Border and improv piecing added to make block "regulation" size
          Material: various 100% cotton quilting fabrics, Kona white and charcoal (solids). I especially
          LOVE the Robotics fabric from Birch in the star's center and the framed border. Captures the
          whole astronaut, outer-space, celestial feel I was going for.
          Thread: Aurifil, 100% Mako cotton, 50 wt in white

Want more information: check out NASA's post on the project.


  1. I really should, I like these international projects. I will put it on the list. Your block is lovely.

  2. Love your star. I made a quilt many many years ago for my son that used this basic star. One of the only quilts I made that got pretty well worn out.


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