Monday, January 13, 2014

for Karoline, with a K

My niece knows her way around social media better than anyone I know. She's Karoline with a K.
She is also the owner of a new iPad and as much as Karoline know the ins and outs of communication, I've got a bit of a lead on the hand-made movement. So, when a new cover for the iPad was requested in pink and green…..

Inside, front

The nitty gritty:
iPad cover design and size modified from:  (to accommodate the magnetic iPad cover for an iPad air and the front and back piecing).
100% cotton quilting fabrics: Kaufman Metro Circles, Denyse Schmidt, various others
100% cotton Aurifil thread, 50 wt.
Pellon fusible fleece batting and lightweight fusible interfacing (lining)
Grosgrain ribbon, moss
Green hair tie, Target
Orphan white button (front)

'Nough said.


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