Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sewing for the men in your life

I'm lucky to have the opportunity to have several special young men in my life. I've sewn for them since they were little. But, they're getting older and heading out on their own. This year instead of flannel pajama bottoms, or a cozy fleece top,  how about a little something for a new apartment……

Front- love how the wood grain in my Eames chair matches the pillow fabric.

The Details:
"Worth a Buck"
18 x 18" (fits a 20" pillow form nicely)
Charcoal linen and Joel Dewberry wood grain fabric in 100% cotton.
Raw edge appliqué, stitched with Aurifil off white (#2021), 100% Mako cotton 50 wt thread.
Fusible batting on the front and back panels.
Zipper from Zippit in gray.
Deer Silhouette pattern from: Sew Home Grown

There is still time before Christmas to get a pillow done, it only takes a few hours, so get going!


  1. How cute! Great outline and choice of fabrics.

  2. What a great idea. Thank you for the link to the deer silhouette. Have a great holiday!!!!

  3. Very masculine - I am sure they will like it - and thanks for the deer link, he is awesome


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