Friday, November 1, 2013

The kindness of others

The on-line quilting world is remarkable. So much creativity and cooperation all in one close knit (for lack of a better sewing analogy) community. There are too-many-to-count blogs, Facebook pages,  swaps and bees, challenges and contests; and inspiration in such abundance it makes your head spin. But, as big as it is, it's also a small world. Friends helping friends, strangers showing kindness, people who only know each other "virtually" looking out for each other.

Unfortunately there is also unkindness, made large and public by easy accessibility on-line. I wish this was not the case but it is.

But, I'm here to tell you, for each short-sighted slight,  there are those remarkable people that make the stars twinkle in the heavens and the sun rise in the East. I'm not kidding. These are the people that you count yourselves luckily to know. (You are also doing a little dance on the side because they are just that nice).

So, since I can, and because I think I should- let me say a personal Thank You to all my friends and followers. For your kind comments and notes of encouragement. And for those of you that have become close friends, for sharing your lives with me and for looking out for me when I'm so busy looking forward I forget to look back. I'm a better person because of YOU!  Also, a personal and heartfelt Thank You to my fellow FRMQ Guild members for listening and encouraging me to push the quilting boundaries and to do my best,  for sharing your experiences, good and bad, and for celebrating accomplishments as a community of wonderful, talented and nurturing individuals.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This post did not come out of the blue. Believe me or not, but it sprang from a bee, a challenge, a lunch and asking an incredibly talented on-line artist/quilter for help. I tell you it's a small, small world, and I'm so very glad to be part of it. Not to embarrass any one or to single out a few among the many, but, hopefully you know who you are.  Each new beginning needs a catalyst and the four of you were just that. There will be more coming about the bee and the challenge in the coming weeks. I ate the lunch so, that's pretty much done and gone. The help I asked for turned into something better than even I imagined and because they are all related in a cryptic kinda way, I'll give you a bit of a teaser and say no more for now.


  1. haha, it´s definetly not me, but I love your post and feel so happy to be part of our sewing online virtuall comunity :)

  2. I love your post too, I am so glad you are my on line friend.

  3. I'm clueless but happy for whatever goodness is in store!

  4. I enjoy reading your posts even though I just discovered your blog. What a tease with those colors. I want to see what you have planned to do with it now. Pretty please.

  5. And I'm wishing I had gone to lunch with you lovely ladies that day! I'm so intrigued...

    You know I'm a HUGE fan of yours, and know that whatever is brewing is COMPLETELY deserved, and I can't wait for the big reveal. :)


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