Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Capitol Quilt Show

It's such a beautiful venue for hanging art…. quilts.
Here goes:
The quilts were hung, 3 stories high in the central, north and south rotundas

I'm just noticing how they mimic the ceiling

 And here are some of my favorites:
"College Bound" by Nola Greenwald

"Starry Night" by Flo Williams

"Circles of Life" by Marsha Loewenberg (quilted by Jeannie Swanson)

"Golden Wedding Ring" by Neoma Garl, made for a friends 50th wedding anniversary and hand quilted!

"Walk the Path" by Pat Moore.  (Quilted by Rita Meyerhoff).
and….. one of the reasons I was so keen to go
my "Tail Wind" quilt

Such an important doorway, flags and all.

sneaking a peek from the first floor of the south rotunda, right by the  Capital Tour desk!
If you want to see the show, it's open until October 10th, 2013. Monday through Friday 7:30 am until 5:00 pm. No weekends. If you want you can vote for your favorite quilt when you go. There are so very many greats ones to see.


  1. We just finally got to the Capitol on Friday. I loved the show!! What a neat venue. Colorado really has a gorgeous capitol building. And what a fun location for yours. :)

  2. What an amazing show and your quilt looks spectacular!

  3. This is breathtaking. I'm so jealous! Your quilt looks so impressive hanging there in the doorway; you should be very proud of your achievement.

    It looks like night when these were taken--is the quilt show done mainly at night so as to stay out of the way of the legislators during the day?

    I just discovered your blog, and have to say that your list on the left is a really good idea to keep track of ideas for things to make. I clicked through on some of the links, and now I think I'd better start a list, too!

    Elizabeth E.

    P.S. I'm following you now via Bloglovin.


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