Monday, October 1, 2012

October De-stash Giveaway time!

Its officially Fall, October, my favorite time of the year. But this box will have a Holiday theme, and I wanted to get that in the mail this month so that you could actually use it for the upcoming holidays.

To be eligible for this month's give-away, you need to be a resident of the USA and you need to let me know your favorite Holiday tradition. (It can be Thanksgiving or Christmas, or Hanukkah). For instance, every Thanksgiving at our house, the kids and I make  place markers for the table. Each one different, with the person who place marker it is, in mind. When the kids were really little they were mostly made by me, but Thanksgivings of late, they have been 100% made by the kids. I love to see what they have come up with. Although we generally have the same group of people every year, we make new place markers. Our guests like them so much they take them home!

Details for the 2012 Monthly Giveaway:

I will post a photo of the give-away each month during the first week of the month- so check back often, so you don't miss out.

You will have until the 21st of each month to leave a comment.

Leave only one comment per person.

I will pick a winner and get your package in the mail on or about the 25th of each month (postal holidays and weekends excepted). (Make sure you don't fall in to the no-reply blogger category- if I can't get you I'll pick someone else). And don't forget to answer the monthly "question". Just saying "thanks for the giveaway" won't secure the win for you.

I know some of my followers are outside the USA. Because international postal rates abroad are much more expensive I will be doing international mailings only a few times during the year (these are big packages and costly to send). Please know- I haven't forgotten you and appreciate your following me- I really do. So, I will specifically post whether the monthly destash-give-away is open to international entries on any given month.

Thanks for all your support and good luck in 2012! Remember 3 chances remain to win this year- Go for it!!!


  1. I love making pies with my mother at thanksgiving. Last year my husband and I even made it a kind of class, so my mother could hand down all her little tips and tricks for making crusts. Our pies turned out really well.

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is going Christmas tree hunting in the mountains with my family. There's always lots of yelling back and forth to come look at this one or that one, and invariably one of the dogs wanders off and gets stuck in a thicket from which it is lovingly rescued. Usually the air is brisk but not too cold and we find an almost perfect tree that's wonderful for the rest of the holiday season.

  3. Oh pick me! Mine is Thanksgiving weekedn where we pull out the decorationas and get ready for christ mas while listening to christmas song and dringking hot chocolate.

  4. My favorite holiday tradition is unpacking the Christmas decorations and setting up my mother's Christmas nativity scene music box. I love to be the first to wind it up and listen to Silent Night play.

  5. For Thanksgiving every year, I cook a whole chicken in the crockpot the day before Thanksgiving. This gives me lots of broth to make gravy, because in my house there is never too much gravy. And then the weekend after Thanksgiving, we get all the Christmas decorations down from the attic & start the long process of decorating. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is going to midnight Mass with my family. We also bake a Baby Jesus birthday cake each year. We use a Wilton's cake mold in the shape of a house and decorate it with icing to look like a creche. We then place figures of Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus in front of the cake.

  7. mine is all of our familys getting together


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