Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you Susan Phillips

Yesterday my quilt guild got together for our monthly "meet and sew" an meeting and then an afternoon of sewing. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for the sew part, but at the meeting we exchanged our mug rugs. I received mine from Susan Phillips. It's beautiful-

It came with a really beautiful, simple red mug that I will use. I actually used it this morning, but took the photo before the coffee and toast. Made breakfast that much more pleasant. 

I made my exchange mug rug for Jody Wyss

My inspiration came from the fact that Jody is a retired teacher. The paper and pencil (#2 please) is for writing down inspiration when one is quietly sipping hot coco

On the topic of Mug Rugs, my partner from the Sew Happy Geek Mug Rug Swap, Lora Felts, and I will be exchanging 2 mug rugs. I have already sent her one

front- she likes pink (7" x 10")

back- I just love the birds
..... and for mug rug No.2, something a bit more down to earth and not so girly (Lora is getting married soon and perhaps her future husband might like to use a mug rug too)

Mug Rug No. 2 (6" x 9) front


Looking at all these and at all the fun Mug Rugs out there, it's inspiration galore. If you have made a Mug Rug lately, let me know. Leave me a comment with a link and I'll go take a look.


  1. Wow, those are all so beautiful:) I need to make some of these, but have been procrastinating because I have a hard time with binding!

  2. love the pictures - your rug is wonderful with the red humming bird, I sent my mug rug off to my partner and can't wait to share them. I found the m.r. a little canvas to appliqué and have fun I will surely be doing another swap.

  3. What wonderful mug rugs. I'm going to make those for my next project. I espcially love the idea to put pencil and paper in it.

  4. Love looking at all the mug rugs. They are all wonderful...but I was drawn to the teacher one...well because I'm a teacher. Anyway, they are fun and I wish I had time to make more. I finally made my first one not too long ago. Here's a link.

  5. What a gorgeous selection of mug rugs! Both you and your partners are quite lucky to receive such beautiful work!

  6. These are so draling! Thanks for linking to Quiltstory!

  7. I keep telling myself that I need to make myself one of these! Yours all turned out darling!

    Thanks for linking @"Sew Cute Tuesday"!


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